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Make It Work

Jul 25, 2021

How can we as leaders navigate the sea of change and uncertainty? An environment which can be extremely challenging to hire, upskill and educate staff in. 

Luckily, in episode 5 of Make it Work, Lachy and Karen look at strategies for ‘future-proofing’ today’s workforce. They look at how to foster a learning...

Jul 5, 2021

As remote work becomes the new normal, more and more people are trading in their city dwellings for regional houses that put life before work and offer a more wholesome lifestyle. In the fourth episode of Make it Work, Karen and Lachy discuss the relationship between remote work and regional areas. 


Sharing their...

Jul 4, 2021

As businesses have adapted to different work environments over the last 12 months, one that has risen to the top is the hybrid working model. The third episode of Make it Work sees Karen and Lachy discuss the newest workplace buzzword: hybrid work. 

It isn’t a new concept, but more and more companies have been...